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[11 May 2005|01:26am]

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[27 May 2004|01:42pm]

a pleasant
reminder of this fridays show

>>>>>>>>>>starts immediately at 5:30
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[05 Feb 2004|08:40am]

new in the early hours community


exit this community and join the other one... this one is being shut down.

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hey hey hey [03 Feb 2004|01:29pm]

1.final update for the february 6th show

2.new lj community

3.new music
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[02 Feb 2004|07:44pm]

woot im a member now...and i love iteh and playin music with them..it is heavenly, graciously, orgasmic, boneriffic fun with a cherry on top
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[02 Feb 2004|01:05am]

Lyk OMGGG i totally jUsT jOiNeD it3h communitY!!~!@!$#! ahh

but anyway i love u guys, dan & kyle and brandons scream (kissy face)
bfb <333

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I'm the new kid [01 Feb 2004|03:22pm]

Hey all, I'm jessica and well...I'm here.
iteh rocks and I'm gonna jet.
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New Drummer [01 Feb 2004|01:51am]

Well, we got our new drummer about a week ago. His name is Nick. We are currently working on a new song with him. It's turning out pretty darn good.. our best song yet maybe. We are going to record this song and another new one sometime in late febuary early march. Expect us back for shows in March sometime.

Our site is being re-done. So be patient, there aren't any shows or any news besides what I just posted so it will be fine.
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Can Anyone Say New Member...Or That U Dont Care? [17 Jan 2004|10:02pm]

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this is Ryan Richards of the new local band (being re-created) Saving Tomorrow and i would just like to say this...woooooo u guys ROCK! In The Early Hours is effing sweet. keep rockin on!!!

That is all.


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